Thursday, May 3, 2012

My Favorite Baby Items

A countdown of my top 10 favorite baby items:

10) Diaper Bag.
       It goes everywhere with us, carries everything I need. Basically it's part of the family ;)
Okie Dokie Monkey Diaper Bag

9) My BrestFriend nursing pillow
      I don't really use this anymore, but it was very handy in the first few weeks. It snaps on around your body, and you don't have to worry about the pillow scooting out of position.
My Brest Friend Pillow
8) Pack N' Play
      This is where he sleeps for now, it's pulled up right next to our bed. Once he starts sleeping through the night, we'll move him to his crib, but the Pack N Play has been so useful, especially on trips! On our ski trip, we just set this baby up in the lobby and took turns watching Asher and skiing!

7) Car seat cover:
       This thing was awesome. It kept the wind and cold away from Asher, and he was warm and cozy inside!

6) Large receiving blankets.
      I use these for so many different things: swaddling Asher when he was newborn, keeping him warm when there's a breeze, laying him down on one, covering up when nursing, catching spit up, and shading him from the sun.

5) Evenflo Exersaucer
     This is pretty new, we bought it in late March. Asher is just now getting to where he can use it, and it's neat to see him develop coordination and interest in the toys.

4) ErgoBaby Carrier
     I looked online a lot before I decided which baby carrier to use, and this seemed to be the favorite. It's a little tough on my back, but it has really come in handy, like around the house when Asher wants to be held but I also need my hands, or on trips like at Together for the Gospel, where we had to walk around a lot. I think I may try a BabyBjorn for the next baby though. 

3) Bouncy Seat
      This is one of Asher's favorite items. It's one of mine, too. :) I can sit him down while I cook or clean or spend some time on the computer, and he usually is pretty content to just play with the toys on the toy bar. He loves grabbing the elephant and giraffe which dangle from the toy bar - they were the first objects he grabbed, and I think the bouncy seat has really helped his coordination.

2) Nuk Pacifiers
      These are the only pacis Asher will use. Everything else he might suck on for just a moment, then Plop! out it comes. He's not obsessed with his paci, but it will often soothe him more than anything else will, and it's often the one thing he needs to get to sleep. 

    1) Family
          The most valuable "item" we've had with Asher is family. They never fail to give him love and attention, and are always willing to hold, play with, and spoil him. Even though we don't always get to see all of our family, the love is always there and it's evident when we do see them. 

    What are your "must-have" baby items? Let me know in the comments!

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    1. Now that Adara is a little older I reallllly love the little diaper bag instead of the big one. And I thought the pack n play was superrr handy! But our cradle swing was the best thing ever! It helped Adara fall asleep and stay aleep the first few months before we had a crib or playpen or anything. It was the swing and I pulled it up to the bed so shed sleep well. Don't get me wrong I held her til she went to sleep but in the middle of the night when I was at wits end that's what helped. Best thing ever.

    2. I'm sure my "favorites" will change once he's older. Asher never liked the swing we have - it doesn't really cradle him, ya know? I'm glad you had something that could work when nothing else would - they can be sanity savers!