Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Adventures of a Not-So-Smart-Mommy (volume 1)

Yesterday, I made plans to go today to the movies with my mother-in-law Shannon and sister-in-law Haley. We were going to see "MouseHunt" at the local theater, since they have free movies throughout the summer on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings ...or so we thought.

I woke up earlier than usual, showered and got dressed and ready, then woke Asher to get him ready. Shannon and Haley arrived around 9:30am with breakfast. We ate and headed out.

We got to the theater a tiiiiiny bit late - as is my usual custom - and pulled in to a scene similar to this:

an empty parking lot.

"Surely they're open," we thought. "Surely it's just... no one else showed up. We're the first ones here... 3 minutes late." We tried the doors - locked. We accessed their website and found, to great our dismay, that we had the wrong date. They don't start the free movies until June. Fail.

Well, Fail number one.

We went to Wal-mart to get a few groceries, and then Shannon dropped us off at my house. Haley stayed, since there's church tonight.

After a while of being lazy at home, we ate lunch and decided we should go for a walk. The weather was perfect - nice temperature, yet overcast so we wouldn't get sunburnt or too hot. Haley and I loaded Asher up in the stroller for a short walk to the bridge over the highway... or so we thought.

We got to the bridge (about a half mile away) and decided that we felt fine, not too tired, we'll go to Dairy Queen. That was all well and good, since I had brought some money just in case we decided to go a bit further.

It turned out it was quite a bit further (about a mile maybe? I'm not good with distances). We still weren't tired, so it was okay. We ate our ice cream and shake and decided to go to the library.

I thought it was a good idea... Asher would be getting hungry soon, and since the library wasn't very far away, it would be a nice place to relax and feed him and read and rest up for our journey back home.

We went upstairs to the kids' section, I selected a few board books to read to Asher, and we chose a nice comfy chair in which to sit. I read one book, then another, then the first again, and then heard a nice, loud, pffffft. 

Oh yes he did. I even felt it. ...and then another.

And those weren't dry toots. They were loaded. His diaper was loaded. And the worst part?

Not-So-Smart-Mommy forgot to bring a clean diaper and wipes. Oh yes she did. Fail numero dos.

We weren't supposed to be going that far! We had only planned on going to the bridge, and I had packed accordingly. All I had was one receiving blanket, and the outfit he was wearing. Oh goodness.

I thought about our location, and realized there were no stores around where I could buy diapers. I only had three dollars anyways, after our stop at Dairy Queen. I glanced around the kids' section of the library, in hopes that another mother of a baby would be around. Maybe I could bum a diaper off someone?

Nope, no other babies. Not even a toddler.

In a stroke of brilliance  an attempt to redeem myself, I recalled some information I had read online about cloth diapers. The simplest form of cloth diapers consists of using only a flat cloth diaper, referred to as a "flat", folded up to form a diaper. I had a receiving blanket, maybe that would work.

It did! I borrowed some paper towels from the librarian on which to change Asher in the changing station in the bathroom, and to use as wipes. I folded up the blanket, wrapped it around his hiney, and buttoned his onesie over it. Then I pulled his pants on as an added back-up.

"This is actually pretty neat," I thought to myself. "I wouldn't do this full-time, but it works."

We finished up at the library and headed home, stopping by Dairy Queen again to grab some ice waters since the sun had come out. It was quite the tiring walk home, but we made it and felt good.

Then Haley passed out..

Not really. It just felt so good in the house and we were so tired. She was being dramatic. She's good at that. ;)

And as it turned out, Asher didn't even dirty the blanket!

So the Not-So-Smart-Mommy learned her lesson: Always be prepared. Even for "short" trips.

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