Monday, May 7, 2012

Asher is one third!

Today, Asher celebrates his 4 month old birthday - that's a third of a year (hence the title of this post). Our friends' kids sometimes say that (since Asher isn't yet 1 year old) he's "Zero" - but now they can say he's a third! Brandon and I can't get over how quickly time has gone by. Our little boy is so precious to us.

"Sons are a heritage from the Lord,
    children a reward from him. 

Like arrows in the hands of a warrior
    are sons born in one’s youth."
-Psalm 127:3-4

Here is our little [big] boy in the nursery on the day he was born, 4 months ago. I just couldn't believe that this was my son. He was amazing.

Our first family photo.

He's grown so much now, though. About a week ago, Asher and I had a little photo shoot. He didn't like it very much, but you can't tell from these beautiful pictures. He's so photogenic.

Our big boy is growing and growing and we can't slow it down. We can only savor every moment with our sweet baby, for he will only be a baby a little longer. I'll blink and he'll be off to college, moving out, getting married, having babies of his own. 

Asher's favorite "chew toy" is his hand! He'll chew on his fingers all day, and it is so cute!

And oh, did I mention he's reading now? ;) He is starting to try and grab everything I hold or eat or drink. When I read to him, he'll try to grab the pictures and turn the pages, and even hold the book on occasion. 

Yesterday at a cookout, Brandon was holding Asher while eating, and Asher punched the plate - or so we thought. After we had wiped his hand off, he unclenched his fist and there was even more food inside his fist!  So he's starting to try and sneak our food for himself, too! 

We've got his 4 month check up at the doctor's tomorrow. Pray for me. :) I tried to be strong for him last time he got his shots, but had to let Daddy take over. It was just as tough for him, but he held up a little better than I did. Hopefully Asher will do just as well this time as he did last time. 

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