Tuesday, May 8, 2012

4 Month Check-up

Long Version: (see bottom for short version)

I was really dreading today. Asher turned 4 months old yesterday, and that meant the 4 month old check-up was drawing dreadfully close. You know what that means: shots.

We had planned on Brandon being able to come to the doctor with me and Asher - Brandon asked off work a couple of weeks ago in order to be there with us. The plan was to switch his work day from Tuesday to Monday and then go with us on Tuesday.

"Mama made me a mohawk this morning!"

However, Brandon went off and got himself hurt on Sunday afternoon. We were at the home of some friends, celebrating one of our youth's 16th birthday, when a game of volleyball started in the backyard. Brandon joined in, and on the first play - the first play! - he jumped for the ball, landed badly on his ankle, and heard some pop!s. He sat out the rest of the game, went inside, and put some ice on it. 

Asher being rocked on the trampoline at the cookout :)

I didn't realize how badly he was hurting until he suggested that we go to the hospital to get it X-rayed: he thought it could be broken. Thankfully, however, we got it X-rayed on Monday (yesterday) and no broken or fractured bones were spotted.

All of that to say, Brandon took off Monday to get his ankle checked out, so he did indeed have to work today (Tuesday) and thus was unable to come to the appointment with me.

I arranged Asher's feedings today so that he would be getting hungry around the time of the doctor's appointment. Any time he has to get shots, I try to be able to nurse him immediately afterwards, as that's been shown to help reduce the pain the baby feels and comfort them as well.

I didn't realize how behind schedule the office was, though. By the time we finally got to the exam room and Asher had been weighed and measured, he was HUNGRY!!! I decided it might be awhile before the doctor came in, so I let him eat a little to hold him over. Then he fell asleep.

When the doctor came in, she talked to me a bit, listened to his heart while he was sleeping, then we laid him down so he could wake up and she could check him out. He did wonderfully, and the doctor and the student with her were amazed that he woke up in such a good mood. He's just that great of a baby :).

The doctor left, and then I freaked out. I remembered how last time Asher had shots, we had a mean ole nurse who had no sense of humor and gave him the oral drops in a manner that made him gag and made Brandon "hold him down!" and then didn't even put the band-aid on the right spot! I prayed for a different nurse, a nice friendly nurse, who would be gentle with Asher. I prayed that God would give Asher strength and grace and that he would do well with no adverse effects. I cried.

Cool superhero band-aids!
In the right spot!

I calmed down by the time the nurse came in, and sure enough - praise God! - we had a nice nurse. She was very friendly and very gentle. She gave Asher the liquid vaccine in a much gentler way than the mean ole nurse had. She told me I could stand by his head, and to hold onto his arms so they wouldn't get poked. He cried, and so did I, but it wasn't that bad. He was finished crying by the time the nurse left the room.

I fed him and he calmed down some more, got his belly full, and we left happy.

Short Version:
Today, I took Asher to the doctor today to get his 4 month old check up and shots. Brandon couldn't come. Asher did fine. I cried but I did fine too. Praise God.

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