Monday, May 14, 2012

Goals for the Week - May 13-19

Last week's goals:

  ·  Keep Asher well fed, clean, and happy. 
·  Go to Asher's 4 month check up - on time or early. Try to be strong for him when he gets shots.
·  Feed and water the dog every day. Play with him at least 3 days of the week.
·  Make a meal plan and have dinner at home every night. 
·  Spend only 1 hour (or less) on the computer every day. 
·  Read 5 chapters in Shepherding a Child's Heart
·  Have at least a 5 minute, interruption-free quiet time every day, spending time in the Word and in prayer.
·  Keep the house picked up, do some deep cleaning.
·  Finish organizing bathroom closet.
·  Get youth camp forms sent out on time.

Yeah... so... it doesn't look like much, but I feel pretty good about it. I didn't have a specific "Quiet Time" every day, but I read the Bible first thing in the morning every day and got in lots of prayer time - "interruption-free" is harder than you'd think. 

I didn't get any deep cleaning done or finish organizing the closet, but that's okay because one of my treats for Mother's Day is that we're getting a lovely friend (and some family) to come over and have a big ole cleaning party. :) I'm excited. 

And I'm working on spending less time on the computer, and more time reading. I actually read about 10 chapters in Shepherding a Child's Heart last week and I feel good about my progress!

There was another goal which I forgot to include on my list last week... Try out homemade Honey Buns recipe. It was a fail. A terrible, messy, gooey fail. But I made chocolate chip banana muffins, and they were mmm good! 

This week:

  • Keep Asher well-fed, clean, and happy.
  • Keep up with dog-feeding and playing. Buy a new collar since he chewed through his. Sigh...
  • Make a meal plan and have dinner at home most nights
    • Monday - chicken and rice casserole;
    • Tuesday - Sloppy Joes
    • Wednesday - Crock Pot chicken and dumplings
    • Thursday - Taco chicken
    • Friday - Pizza
  • Daily, interruption-free quiet time
  • An hour and a half of computer per day
  • Read 5 more chapters in  Shepherding a Child's Heart
  • Grocery shop - remember tortillas and ranch dressing
  • Clean up house, get some deep cleaning done!
  • Send out 1 youth's camp forms. 
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  1. Have a wonderful week. Crock pot Chicken and Dumplings sound wonderful.

    1. Thank you! And it is! It's a favorite around here. I got it from ! Thanks for reading! :)