Sunday, July 15, 2012

We survived VBS!

We had a great week of Vacation Bible School.

We kicked it off with Super Soaker Saturday:

Which was full of fun water games, water balloons, a water slide, and even a firetruck hose. 

It was so funny to see the kids dumping water on each other.

VBS started on Sunday night. It was a blast. We had 50 children enrolled, and 39 workers, and there was an average of 66 people there every night. That's awesome for a small church like us! 

Our hope and our goal is to reach those in our community: it's not about numbers, but about souls. We want to share God's love with those in our neighborhood and community, and one way we do that is through VBS, our largest outreach of the year. 

The fun and games are cool, but the goal during VBS (and all of life) is to connect everything to Christ. We don't want Christianity to only be thought of at church for these kids - and ourselves - but we are trying to create a Christian worldview through which all of life can be seen and interpreted. 

Sabrina taking a break from Recreation to focus on Christ with the kids.

Some kids form ABC with their bodies - Admit, Believe, Confess

 I taught the preschool class, and they were so cute! And fun!

Wednesday night of VBS, we changed the schedule up a bit and gathered everyone together for OMC - Organized Mass Chaos. This is a game put together by CentriKid Camps, and there's no good description of it. It is simply mass chaos - with a tiny bit of "organized" thrown in. 

Asher and I refrained from the chaos, and instead chose to help get everything ready for ice cream for the kids. He liked just "hanging out". 

Brandon really loved being in charge of the bull horn.

I consider VBS a success, as the Word was taught and seeds of faith were surely planted and watered!

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