Saturday, July 14, 2012

Giving Grace

I've realized that I'm often a hypocrite when it comes to giving grace to others.

When other peoples' kids act out, (I shamefully admit) I internally criticize the parents' discipline of their kids - "They must not discipline their kids enough" or "She only told him 'no'? I would've given him a stern talking-to if I were his mother."

But when Asher throws a fit, I immediately make an excuse for him - "He's teething, his poor gums must hurt so bad..." or "He's so tired... If he had had a better nap, he'd be fine now."

When kids in the youth group don't budget their money well and run out of money before a trip is over, I stubbornly refuse to help (this has only ever happened with my little sister-in-law). "You only have $3 for this steakhouse dinner? Well, you can get a cheap side dish and an ice water, then." - Thankfully, Brandon's a bit more gracious than I am and will "help a sister out".

But I forget about how when I was a youth on a mission trip and ran out of money early, my youth pastor let me borrow money until we could get home.

When others sin against me, I remember it. But when I sin against others, I insist they should "Forgive and forget! For 'Love keeps no record of wrongs' -1 Corinthians 13."

Oh, how much work the Lord still has left to do in me. He has forgiven me so great a debt, and I should forgive others, especially since their sins against me are nothing compared to my sins against my perfect heavenly Father.

Oh Lord, work in my heart.

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