Sunday, June 24, 2012

Youth Group fun

Taylor and I made rainbow cupcakes for our...

Cupcake walk! Instead of a traditional "Cake walk" where there are numbers on the ground, and whoever is on the number called out wins, we taped Scripture references to the ground and when the music stopped, we would read one of the verses and reveal which reference it was. It was fun!

There's Brandon, teaching the Word faithfully.

The guys reading along


Tonight, we had a Family Fun Night, which involved a Watermelon Seed-Spitting Contest 

I don't know if Tanner (white shirt) or his mom Angela (pink) won.

Then we had a water fight.

I was merciless. 

The younger ones even got to participate at their own level.

Now the remaining youth are outside, playing Sardines (kind of a reverse hide-and-seek). Those who are waiting play another game.

There's always something fun happening with the youth group!

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