Sunday, May 4, 2014

Aletheia - 1 month

Today Aletheia is one month old. I'd like to document some of the things that have happened in her first month... Or else I might forget.  
Obviously, she was born. Not the way I had hoped for, but everyone is healthy so it is okay. We had family come to visit us, and although I got very little sleep, I managed well. 

On Aletheia's first Sunday in church, she got to hear her Daddy preach - twice! Brandon got a call at 8am on a Sunday morning that our pastor was in the hospital and they would need him to preach. So much for indulging in my postpartum helplessness - Brandon was the one who needed support today! He preached his first Sunday morning sermon that day, and brought the Word faithfully. 

The next weekend was Easter weekend. Brandon went to Beacon Hill on Good Friday to help out with their annual outdoor Crucifixion reenactment. I would have liked to have gone to see him "play" Jesus, but Asher had just come down with a stomach bug. 

The next day, we had big plans. So I was hoping Asher would be feeling better. I figured I would see how he was feeling that morning, and if he didn't throw up and was acting ok, we would go. Well he slept til 10, but when he woke up he didn't have a fever, didn't throw up, and acted fine. I figured he had had a 24 hour bug or eaten something bad and it was out of his system. Well, an hour at Mamaw's and I was proven wrong. He vomited on her dining room floor right before the egg hunt. 

I felt awful for bringing him when there would be other kids around that he could infect, but I really thought he was better! 
Well anyways, he did feel better after vomitting, and he joined in the egg hunt, we ate, and then headed over to Grandma June's for Brandon's family's gathering. We had a great evening with everyone, and headed home. 

Sunday was Easter, and we had a great morning. There was no nursery for the morning service since the choir was performing the Easter cantata, so Asher and Aletheia stayed in the service with us. Asher did well throughout most of the service, but at the end we brought out the kindle. That was a mistake, because when it was time to hunt eggs after church, he highly objected to the kindle being taken away. We ended up carrying him home and he didnt hunt eggs at all. 

He just had a rough day on Easter. We wanted a family pic for Easter, and this^ was the best he could give us. 

Asher and Allie continue to bond, and Asher loves to "help" with her however he can. He "burt"s her, wants to hold her, gives lots of kisses and hugs, and helps buckle her into her car seat. 

The kids and I have visited Mamaw's house twice to visit (besides Easter) since Aletheia's birth. Asher loves exploring and visiting all the animals. I enjoy just spending time there with her. 

We have hung out at home and enjoyed the springtime

And we went to one of Nick's baseball games- the first one we have been able to make it to. Unfortunately, the game started much later than we had anticipated, and we only got to stay for the first two innings. We got to see Nick score! 
No pic of Nick, just us three because Asher was being all cute and putting his hand on me and Brandon alternately and saying with affection, "Mommy!" And "Daddy!" 

Asher helped Daddy build an awesome coffee table

Brandon's Grandpa Hazlerig and Grandma Janet came up for a visit this past weekend. We spent the day at our house with everyone, then ate dinner at Golden Corral. 

When we all returned to our house, each of us picked a derby horse (the race had already been run but we picked without looking at the results) and we watched the recording of the race from YouTube. Brandon's and Laila's pick won! (But I think Brandon cheats - he won last year, too!)

We have had a great month getting to know Aletheia and enjoying time with our families. It's particularly special because we will be leaving them soon for a while when we move to Louisville for seminary. So we are cherishing every moment! 

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