Thursday, May 9, 2013

Spring Things

Before writing my previous post, I realized that I had not blogged in a long while. Life has been busy, y’all. I’m so grateful for a time now that I can slow down in my everyday life – well, as much as you can with an active toddler – and not have schoolwork or a crazy schedule and multiple long car trips each week. Now, I can focus on taking care of my husband and son, keeping my home in order, planning and cooking nutritious meals, and other various interests. 

To catch you all up, here are a few things that have been going on in our lives these past several months:

Asher got his first haircut soon after his first birthday.

Before                                            After

We practiced baseball in the front yard, way before baseball season started. Woody is very enthusiastic about playing, as you can tell.

Speaking of baseball, my brother Nick has recently started his baseball season. 

He plays for the Braves in our town's kids baseball league.

We like to watch, but as long as Nick's not at-bat, it's fair game for us to play something of our own, like roll the ball with Asher's Aunt Kourtney and cousin Westin! 

We enjoyed our Easter, and Asher had his first egg hunt:

We had some interesting encounters at the children's garden at the library:

and some fun too: 


We have also done some more geocaching around town, which I will write about more later.

Also, Hallelujah! We graduated!

This compares our high school graduation with our college graduation. I don't think my appearance has changed much, but Brandon's has!

I'm so happy to be finished with my degree, but at the same time, our graduation means that we will not be seeing our friend Grace as often. 

I met Grace through a mutual friend of ours (shoutout to Katy!) when I was looking for a babysitter for Asher at the beginning of the fall semester of school. She has been a wonderful babysitter, but more importantly, our friendship has developed and she has become a very dear friend to me, and to Brandon also. We are so thankful for her and her family: they love the Lord so much and it is evident in everything they do! It was quite hard to leave the last time she babysat Asher, but we left knowing that we have gained a true friend and we will hopefully see her and her husband and son often, whether through Skype or in real life. 

Asher and I are gearing up for a fun summer, now that school is out of the way. We bought season passes to the water park, we have a calendar of events for the summer reading program at the library, there are lots of baseball games to attend, and my sister Lauren is graduating from high school in a few weeks, so we will be going up to stay a few days with my dad and family around that time.

Photo: Me and Asher and my sisters @lalalauren01 and @kerry_beri3 at my graduation!
(My youngest sister Kerry, Me and Asher, and Lauren at my graduation)

Additionally, we have other small things to keep us occupied. Actually, I have compiled a list of things I want to do "When I have more time", such as crocheting, learn to sew (I'd love to learn how to make a t-shirt quilt), grow a vegetable garden, spend lots of time outside, blog, do more geocaching, visit family, and restart my preteen girls' ministry group. 

Looks like it'll be a fun summer - as long as we don't overschedule the fun! :)

Until next time!

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