Wednesday, October 17, 2012

It's been a while.

Yes, it has been a while. I've been too busy living life to write about it. But here are some pictures from the past few months. During this time:

We celebrated a cousin's first birthday!

A different cousin visited from California:

 Haley and Asher started a band:

Asher continued to grow cuter,

 Asher learned to crawl:

He met his great-aunt Kelly for the first time:

 He made lots of messes:

 He continued to cute-ify:

There were some cute sleep moments such as this:

The cuteness factor continued to increase:

Asher began pulling up on things:

And then joined the "Undersea Adventures" gang:

 He questioned the meaning of life:

 He began to stand unsupported!

And then he learned to stand up on his own:

 He has now begun pushing toys around (AKA walking while supported):

He joined the football team:

 He got some new clothes:

 And learned to play peek-a-boo!

Today, he and I chilled outside in the glorious fall weather.

This is basically what Asher's days consist of:

He is learning to stand on his own, gaining balance slowly but surely, and trying so hard to walk. He now has 3.5 teeth (two on the bottom, one on top with one breaking through). He occasionally says "Mom-mom-mom-mom" but still hasn't quite caught the hang of "Da-da-da-da".

Brandon and I are smack dab in the middle of our second-to-last semester at Campbellsville, and oh-so-ready to be finished with school!

The blog is just not at the top of the priority list right now, but I do hope to be able to update it more frequently.

Until next time! (Whenever that may be...)

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  1. Goodness! I've been creeping on your old posts. Baby Asher. :)