Friday, February 7, 2014

2014 Goals

I like lists. Particularly to-do lists. I don't always check everything off the list, but it helps my mind feel more organized. Plus, if I don't have a list I feel like I will forget everything. 

I guess a list of goals is like a to-do list for the whole year. And since I am a slacker when it comes to blogging, I am just now (yes, in February) blogging about my goals for this year. 

I wrote out my goals on January 1, and made a pretty little list to keep on my refrigerator, and I am aware of my goals (although that doesn't mean I have kept up with all of them). But I never thought to blog them until I thought of posting my progress so far. So first I will post my goals for the year, then do a separate post to update how I'm doing thus far. 

Anyways, here they are: 

  • Read the Bible every day, first thing and last thing. 
  • Pray out loud or in prayer journal every day.
  • Bring up faith with nominal and lost friends, family, and acquaintances.
  • Read 2 books per month.
  • Beat Brandon in reading challenge (read more pages than him in physical books by June).
  • Set and stick with a rough routine for our days at home. 
  • Limit Asher's screen time to an hour per day, maximum. 
  • Take Asher to the movies once.
  • .Bimonthly play dates with cousins, and frequent visits with [the boy around Asher's age whose grandmother babysits him and is our neighbor].
  • Continue weekly story time at the library. (We read together every day, I don't feel it needs to be on the goal list).
  • [New goal] Get Asher out of our bed by the time baby comes in April.
  • Get into a cleaning schedule/routine and stick with it.
  • Continue meal-planning each week, stay within grocery budget, track spending. 
  • Eat out less, once per week max. 
  • Read 2 marriage books.
  • Go on a weekend date without Asher before baby is born. 
  • Reach savings goal by June. 
  • Pay for baby's birth in cash, right away. 

So there they are. Knowing myself, some of these are laughable - specifically the schedule/routine ones. But it's a goal, and now I am publishing it publicly so there's some accountability. 

Maybe I should add "blog more" as another goal... eh. 

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